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Appraisal Services

Since 1982, Rick Pence has been preparing antique, fine art and household goods appraisals for both estate and insurance purposes. His expert evaluations are based on the results of thousands of Pence estate sales and auctions conducted over the past 35 years, as well as thorough research of the results of other auction houses around the country. It is a priority to stay attuned to the latest developments in the ever-changing market. Rick Pence has been a thirty-year member of the International Society of Appraisers and participates in the continuing educational program of that organization. His valuations, prepared for corporations, private collectors, fiduciaries and government entities, are greatly respected among collectors and legal authorities.

Estate appraisals are used for tax and property division purposes. The values assigned reflect a fair market value, defined as the price, upon which a willing buyer and a willing seller would agree. Appraisals Insurance are used for insuring tangible personal property. The values reflect the cost of replacing the item. Both types of appraisals are written to the current version of USPAP and the estate appraisals are formatted to IRS standards.

The appraisal services are convenient. It can be arranged to meet at the residence or other site to make the complete appraisal. Most appraisals can be completed within a few hours and the report returned in only a few days. Whatever your appraisal needs, RICK PENCE APPRAISALS will be happy to accommodate that need in a timely and professional manner.


Liquidation Services

Pence Estate Sales and Pence Auctions have been serving the needs of fiduciaries for years in the disposition of large and small estates. A full range of estate services is offered including estate sales and auctions. The ability to offer both types of sales is beneficial in determining the most conducive method of liquidating the personal property. The years of experience assist attorneys, accountants, and trust officers in obtaining the true market value for fine arts, antiques and complete households. The full service provided can ease the complex task of estate liquidations for both heirs and executors.





Estate Purchasing

An alternative to consignment of an estate is the outright purchase of the estate. In such cases, the items will be evaluated and a price mutually agreed upon between the parties.


For more information or an estate consultation, call:

Rick Pence - Pence Auctions & Pence Appraisals (816) 820-3175

Connor Pence - Pence Estate Sales (816) 589-0919